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My Own Little World

6 February 1981
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I enjoy many things, and am very eclectic with EVERYTHING. I have 2 children of the furry pursuation and I adore them. Reading and writing poetry have kept me on a functioning level of sanity. If you want to get to know me, you make an effort. My life is how I want it to be, everything in life is a choice, you choose how you need to live your life in order to be happy. Happiness is a choice that comes from within, you create your own misery, and you choose to live it. I am serious by nature, but in the right moods, can be a total goofball. I can be a walking contradiction even at times seemingly paradoxical. For I am a child of the dark almost as much as I am the light. My tolerance for human ignorance is quite low, nearly non-exsistant and keeps growing thinner by the day, pending my interaction. I am an Aquarius in every aspect, from being a humanitarian, having a rebellious nature and need for change, to being far to stubborn, outspoken, cynical and bit of a perfectionist.

I do like the darker side of things, the night, occult, paranormal, arcane and supernatural and alternative lifestyles. I am quite liberal, mildly conservative, sometimes old fashioned, forever curious and a thinker by nature.